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                    TEN BAMBOO STUDIO   -   Decorated Writing Paper  -                           Edition 1952,   Beijing  

                                             Shih-chu-chai  chien-pu


Hu Cheng-Jen   (Owner of the Ten Bamboo Studio) First Edition 1644,  Nanking

#01  - # 06   Volume I

Hu Cheng-Jen (Hu Zhengyan) was a Ming Dynasty seal engraver. All the designs of his seal engravings printed on poetry-writing paper contain characters from the ancient classics. His skill in woodblock printing also brought about an acceleration in the development of the        traditional skills of the time.                                                                                                                This masterly prints are produced by watercolour woodblock printing on writing paper by                                                   RONG BAO ZHAI, Beijing, 1952


 T.C. Lai:  Chinese Decorated Letter-paper,      Hongkong 1978,                                                                                                     Jan Tschichold: CHINESISCHES GEDICHTPAPIER vom Meister der Zehnbambushalle, Basel  1947                                      Jan Tschichold: DIE BILDERSAMMLUNG DER ZEHNBAMBUSHALLE,  Zuerich, Rentsch, 1970. S. 30-35                                  Ulrich von Kritter: CHINA UND JAPAN IN BUCHKUNST UND GRAPHIK, Wiesbaden, Reichert, 1985                                          Jan Tschichold: CHINESE POETRY PAPER by the Master of the Ten Bamboo Hall, Basel, Holbein, 1948                                Jan Tschichold: CHINESE COLOUR PRINTS FROM THE TEN BAMBOO STUDIO                                                             (p. 30) :

  Tschichold considered this 1952 edition the finest issue. An incomparably                  perfect facsimile; the best printed book of modern times anywhere.                  These reprints, along with the original, belong among the  great masterpieces of          printing.  


PRICE: EUR  50.-   each page (42,0 x 31,5 cm)




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