Qi Baishi

China’s Picasso

The first book publication, which deals with the Chinese woodblock prints of original paintings by the great masters of China.

Qi Baishi  1863-1957            t China’s  Picasso -

since the “Wiener Secession” 1930 in Austria, Qi Baishi became the most wellknown contemporary Chinese painter all over the world. His paintings and woodblock prints can be found in museums, gallery’s and auction houses.






Zhang Daqian               (Chang Dai-chien) 1899-1983

traveled widely in Europe and America, where he came into contact with the contemporary art movement in the West. In his later years, he combined splashed ink and splashed color with the masterly texture strokes and liberation of his early “traditional” years, to form a new synthesis.

Hovering between concrete and abstract, reveling in freedom and  unpredictability, Zhang Daqian’s work created a whole new style of modern Chinese painting.

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Qi Baishi            Hsue Ts’ao              Wu Cheng            

Zhang Daqian     Hsue Ts’ao           Wu Cheng          

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T’ang Ti                 P’u Hsin-yue          

Chinese Poetry Paper HU CHENG-YEN

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Qi Baishi

Qi Baishi

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Qi Baishi

Qi Baishi

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Qi Baishi


Mustard Seed Garden

Ten Bamboo Studio


Li Fangying              (1696-1755)              Qing Dynasty

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Qi Baishi            scroll format

Zhao Shao Ang (1905-1998)        (Chao Shao-Ang)

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Shi Yi                   Chen Long              Gu Zhijun                Li Yitai                   Hao Boyi                 Lu Ping


Yu Chengyou            Shi Yi                       Hao Ping                 Liu Chunhai             

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