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SHIBATA  ZESHIN (1807-1891)   # 01-16

                   Album with 16 Miniature Laquer Paintings urushi-e                                                           11.0 cm x 8.6 cm,   4 1/4” x  3 1/4”                                                       Drawings finely executed on transparent paper.                     Signature: Zeshin, Seal:  Zeshin   

DATE: Painted ca. 1870’s                       CONDITION: Very good   

The laquer paintings on paper are the  “jewels in  Zeshin’s crown, resembling the work of no other artist, before or after him”. (Marie Louise O’Brien)

     REFERENCE: Howard A. LINK:   The Art of SHIBATA ZESHIN         Honolulu 1979

ORDER-INFO                                            PRICE: SOLD ( 16 )

  Concertina album containing 16 lacquer paintings in                 brown, green and red on transparent paper.            ( Book)  12 cm x 18 cm


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