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SHUNKO (Hokushû, Shunkosai act. 1809-1832) Osaka




Kanô Minshi I as the beauty Okiyo, who kneels before a lacquer table on a terrace at night. In the play “ Katakiuchi Ura no Asagiri” performed at the Naka-za in 9/1815. Rght panel from a rare diptych

Date :

9th month 1815

Format :

Ôban de luxe :   25,4 x 37,4 cm  - 10.0” x 14.7”


Roger S. Keyes and Keiko Mizushima:  THE THEATRICAL  WORLD OF OSAKA PRINTS p.229. IKEDA BUNKO: Kamigata yakusha-e shusei 1, Osaka, 1997, No. 51

Condition :

Fine Impression, very good colors, 3 repaired small holes, slightly trimmed, minimally dirty. Exeptionally good state of preservation


PRICE: EUR  950,-


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