Qi Baishi

China’s Picasso


Michael Friedrich Karl Thun

The first book publication, which deals with the Chinese woodblock prints of original paintings by the great masters of China. An art form that was created after 1949. Detailed biographies, the story of the Rong Bao Zhai publishing house in Beijing, illustrated operations of woodblock printing, 70 seals of Qi Baishi and their translation, many translations of the Chinese captions, etc.

In two languages ENGLISH and GERMAN 

The illustrations are from the THUN-COLLECTION, one of the largest of its kind, which was never shown to the public.  285 pages, 300 illustrations, the history of this art form is described among other things. In addition to the works of Qi Baishi, paintings by another 17 world famous Chinese masters are shown.

35 x 25 cm - Price  EUR 65,-

ISBN 978-3-00-053677-9




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